Security Systems

Modern security systems can be quite daunting, even if you’re comfortable with selecting, installing and operating new technology. Matching cameras, control centers, storage and playback solutions, and various integrated technologies require extensive knowledge or heavy research. The problems further compound if you’re dealing with any number of environmental or regulatory challenges.

Of course, you could choose various out-of-the-box solutions, but these rarely meet all the criteria you may have for your security system. You risk ending up with a solution which doesn’t meet your necessary standards for security, reliability, ease of use or cost.

Working with Futura IT Consulting & Design will allow you to meet all necessary standards for your application without dealing with the normal frustrations of a custom solution. We’ll handle the difficult aspects of design and installation as per your outlined goals, allowing you to acquire all the advantages of a bespoke solution with none of the hassle.

Our expert team will help you design, install, troubleshoot, and maintain any number of systems, with services including but not limited to:

• System design
• Installation
• Advanced triggers
• Recording and storage solutions
• Playback solutions
• Mobile integration
• Security system integration
• Remote access
• …and more

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